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Foundry Services
Stewart Sculpture Casting is a small fine art foundry established in 1985, owned and operated by Dana L. Stewart. The full-service foundry is located at 13 Old River Road in Lambertville, New Jersey right behind the Golden Nugget Flea Market on Route 29. Over the years, Dana L. Stewart has perfected the art of bronze casting, from miniature to monumental.

Call 609.397.9559 (US) or contact us to discuss your bronze casting requirements and allow us to provide you with a quote for services.

The Casting Process
Casting bronze using the lost wax process involves converting an original sculpture (made of clay etc.) to a wax version by means of a rubber mold.

A "wax gating system" is attached to the wax replica and then a ceramic shell mold is made around the gated wax sculpture. The ceramic shelled wax is placed into a furnace and the wax is burned out of the ceramic shell. It leaves an exact negative of the original sculpture. Bronze is heated to the appropriate temperature between 1900 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit and is poured into the ceramic shell mold to create the bronze sculpture.

When the bronze has cooled the ceramic shell mold is broken off and the gating system is then cut away. The surface of the sculpture is finished and patina is applied for the desired color.